Branding strategy and problem solving is my core business.
And - above all - my passion.
As such, I recently published a successful business novel
entitled, "Profession Problem Solver" (for Il Sole 24 Ore),
and currently work as an independent consultant.


My career to-date and international background ensures
I am precise, motivated, and creative person who is
perfectly suited to problem solving.


Born in 1979, in Port Said, Egypt, I relocated when I was
only fifteen-days-old to Italy. My fascinating childhood was
then spent between the Middle East and Europe.
After completing my education I kick-started my career in
the broker world - Intermonte from 1999 to 2001- followed
by a stint in finance - Private Equity Partners from 2001 to
2002 – that provided an excellent springboard for a position in financial communication.
- Georgeson in from 2002 to 2006. In 2007 I accepted the
role as Head of Operations for Quintessentially Italy
- 2007 to 2009 - a fundamental position that launched
my current career.
Three years later I joined Cayenne Italy, where I headed up
their Events & PR team.















Survival Kit       

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cerchio 001 international network
International Network


cerchio 002 problem solver
Problem Solver


cerchio 003 posizionamento alto
HNWI Focus




cerchio 004 consulting


cerchio 005 secretiveness


cerchio 006 international network








Your assignment: solving problems.

"I am a problem solver. My job, my life is finding a solution. Always"

book cerchio


Surreal diary of a new profession travelling at the speed
of unachievable and everlasting emergencies, backstage
of a career with no rules and full of contigencies, where your
weapons are your quickness of reflex and your logic.
One of the most sought after job, secret and modern, able to mirror the needs of those who do not know what to wish for anymore. 
Problem solvers exist and work hard: how they do it is told by Helen, former head of operations of Quintessentially Italy,
the world’s leading Private Members’ Club.

"You need a white chihuahua, a private meeting with the Holy
See, a case of Italian mineral water to be dispatched to Istanbul?
What about two  blue peacocks as Christams present if it's
the husband from India ordering them, the wife is in Scotland
and it's tthe day before Chtistmas' eve? No problem.
A BlackBerry, a notebook full of contacts, a cab, are always
helpful. But first and foremost the net (in terms of your relations, obviously) and your negotiation skills will help you out.
No confusion, keeping your eyes always open, analysing
the situation quickly and a stroke of luck: that's the recipe
for this crazy job."

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